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External code and mods : Used in current codebase

 Posted: Tue Nov 15, 2005 8:21 pm   ::   Author: NightSpirit

Please note: this page is not intended to be a full list of what is running on the site. Instead, it serves to give credit to the hard-working teams who have generously published work which we have at some point incorporated into our codebase. There is also quite a bit of custom additions and changes etc that we have made ourselves which will not appear here.


  • URL:
  • Author: The phpBB Team
  • Description: phpBB is a high powered, fully scalable, and highly customizable Open Source bulletin board package. phpBB has a user-friendly interface, simple and straightforward administration panel, and helpful FAQ. Based on the powerful PHP server language and your choice of MySQL, MS-SQL, PostgreSQL or Access/ODBC database servers, phpBB is the ideal free community solution for all web sites.
  • Site Usage: PHPBB provides the forums and the base of the code to which all other mods build upon.


  • URL:
  • Author: Smartor -
  • Description: This Mod explains you how to create a portal for phpBB2 as simple as possible. This MOD is not exactly a full functional portal system (content management system) but it looks like a portal. You should customize/modify/improve it to fit your fantasy Wink It is very EASY to install and very HANDY to modify.
  • Site Usage: This code provides the frontpage layout and displays the most recent news posts along with other information in navigation bars.

Recent Topics Block for Smartor's ezPortal

  • URL:
  • Author: Smartor -
  • Description: This adds a Recent Topics block on ezPortal
  • Site Usage: This has been ammended on the site to ignore certain topics - mainly news posts that appear on the portal already

Search Block

  • URL:
  • Author: Smartor -
  • Description: This file explains you how to create Search block on ezPortal. Support both phpBB search and Google search in one block
  • Usage: Only the internal search part of this mod is used.

Portal Polls Upgrade

  • Author: vgan (Steve Cvar) -
  • Description: Alters the display and behavior of the Poll Block. If a user has already voted, graphic bars are shown with results similar to the normal Topic View. Some code based on Nutzy's Nutport -
  • Site Usage: This code is used to display polls on our site, modified slightly to only show sticky polls and to hide gracefully when no qualifying polls exist.

ezPortal Admin for phpBB2


  • Author: Showscout & R. U. Serious
  • Description: If the User_agent includes the string "Googlebot", then no session_ids are appended to links, which will (hopefully) allow google to index more than just your index-site.


  • Author: - R. U. Serious
  • Description: This MOD will give all 'guests' where the useragent contains 'Googlebot' one session (static session_id). Hence it will only appear as a single guest - to enhance-google-indexing.


  • URL: MOD forum
  • Author: drathbun
  • Description: This code is a possible alternative to the visual confirmation mod. This mod does not require you have the gd library available on your server. In a nutshell, this mod:

    • Shows only "active" members on your memberlist
    • Shows only "active" members as the "newest member" on your index page
    • Prevents guests from viewing your memberlist
    • Prevents members with fewer than 30 posts from viewing your memberlist
    • Does not show a website for any member with fewer than 30 posts
    • Does not allow a member to enter a website during the registration process
    • Does not allow a member to update their profile with a website until they have posted 30 times or more

  • Site Usage: We have reduced the postcount for allowing websites to only 2 (tho this may be increased later) and not used the code to disallow anyone from viewing the memberlist. For now we are happy to let guests read info about members with the addional safeguards against spamming accounts that this mod provides.

Attachment Mod

  • URL: OpenTools
  • Author: Acyd Burn
  • Description: This MOD adds the ability to upload images to a post. The mod contains many features and configuration options to tailor the mod to suit the site including permissions, quotas, filetypes and display options.
  • Site Usage: We had to re-code quite a bit of this inorder to work with out existing mods and code changes such as portal, news and articles. A lot of the basics still remain tho.

Daylight Saving Fix

  • URL: PHPBB Forums
  • Author: twmm
  • Description: Very simple fix that sets the correct UK time on the server

Visual Confirmation for Guests

  • URL: PHPBB Forums
  • Author: Kanuck
  • Description: Adds visual confirmation for guest posts, (hopefully) eliminating spam.

Allow Guest Voting Mod

  • URL:
  • Author: Thoul
  • Description: This hack enables admins to set the VOTE column in advanced forum permissions to ALL, which is normally not possible in phpBB 2. Guests and other not logged in users can then vote on polls in forums for which the permissions are set to ALL. IP tracking of guest voters is included to help prevent abuse of guest enabled polls.

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