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ViewSonic VX912 19inch 8ms TFT Monitor Review

 Posted: Sat Nov 12, 2005 1:24 pm   ::   Author: Outrunmaster

I had recently decided to upgrade my 19 CRT to a TFT, and on researching the wide range of availability, decided to opt for a Viewsonic monitor after reading some very good reviews on the range in general. With a desire for DVD watching and game performance, yet still with certain budget restraints, I chose the VX912; with its all round mid-range combination of performance and price.

On receiving it, I was pleased to see it was in quite a large box, with a good amount of Polystyrene on both sides and the stand already attached, meaning no part of the monitor itself was in direct contact with the box. The bundle (see below) included Analogue and Digital cables, 2-pin and 3-pin power leads (all of good length, with protective wrapping) and a standard manual and driver CD.
ViewSonic VX912 Attachment Bundle

Connecting the device proved to be simple and tidy, thanks to a removable cover round the back, which disguised the connections, although the power lead had to be bent a few times to improve its flexibility before the cover could be replaced, but once this was done the connections were snug and very tidy (see below). It also has a very firm and secure-feeling tilt on the viewing angle adjustment allowing you to make adjustments without feeling like you're going to break it.
ViewSonic VX912 Back (Uncovered)ViewSonic VX912 Back (Covered)

Powering up the monitor, I was happy to discover that it had no dead pixels, and as far as I can see, no stuck pixels either, and the adjustment buttons were pleasing on the eye, simple and effective to use.
ViewSonic VX912 Control ButtonsViewSonic VX912 On Screen Display

The picture quality was good, and non-native resolutions (I use 1152x864 for my desktop and gaming) were displayed pretty accurately and with little blur (although obviously not perfectly). Games are displayed sharply, clearly and with very little shimmering or blurring, I used Need For Speed Underground 2 and Everquest 2 for fast-paced, and slower-paced game testing. DVD playback is also good, with minimal flickering and accurate colour and picture display.
ViewSonic VX912 Powered OffViewSonic VX912 Powered On


  • Attractive design
  • Clear/crisp display of non native resolutions
  • Simplicity of use/adjustment/setup
  • No dead/stuck pixels
  • Bright well defined colours


  • Default colour settings needed lots of tweaking (hardware, and Nvidia display panel) for optimal display
  • Power DVD also needed quite a bit of seperate (software) adjustment for good pic quality (default was VERY dark on DVD playback)
  • To get the best picture quality and optimum brightness you will need to look at it straight on at eye-level, this did not quite suit my usual, slouched seating position.

I think it would deserve an award for Price Vs Performance. I don't think you'll get any better for £260 - it is noticeably better than the ones I've seen here at work. After having used it for a couple of months, I dont need to make any more adjustments to it, which is another thing i'm happy about. Plus, I cant wait to see how it looks when i've got upgraded pc running with it Smile

Overall, I would say this monitor is ideal for those users who cant afford, or don't want to pay a top-end price, and will use it for both game playing and DVD playback it does both at an above average level. Those who are looking for a dedicated gaming monitor will be able to find better performance, but for the price, this is a great all-rounder. I am completely happy with it, and would recommend it to anyone aiming for a very capable, nice looking, user-friendly mid-range TFT.

I would give it a healthy 8 out of 10 against the whole range of 19" TFTs, or 9 against other mid-range ones, so perhaps an 8.5 overall would be most accurate. Thus I also award it the Zombie Nexus Bronze Award, for good value and performance at its price point.

Final Rating: 8.5 / 10

Product Link: Viewsonic VX912

Feel free to leave any comments or questions.

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