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Laser Gaming Mice: Razer Copperhead Vs Logitech G5 : Introduction

 Posted: Thu Jan 05, 2006 8:22 pm   ::   Author: FraZor


I remember my first mouse; it came with my trusty Amiga A500 and was about as boxy a mouse as was possible. It wasn’t particularly comfortable, it was very prone to getting gunged up (as most ball mice were), it had unresponsive buttons, it was fundamentally basic, but it did the job. As an avid gamer I soon craved a better mouse, one that would be comfortable, reliable and accurate, and the best mouse of the time was the Goldstar 400 dpi mouse. Not long after that I upgraded to an Amiga A1200 which came with a very similar 400 dpi mouse in the basic package.

A few years later I jumped to the x86 PC arena. My first PC came with an awful mouse, some ultra cheap unbranded mouse, much like the rest of the PC to be fair, so that was soon replaced with a Logitech Pilot 3-button mouse. In some ways it was a step back because the Logitech mice of the time were probably less than 400 dpi, but that was the best I could afford or find. Remember this was all in the early days of Doom, so mice were only used in Windows 3.11 itself anyway, so it was less important.

Then the PC gaming scene took off big-style with games like Command and Conquer and Quake, which used the mouse much more extensively. The need for better mice was born. Between then and now I have had many mice, such as a Logitech Pilot wheel mouse, a Razer Boomslang 1000, a Microsoft Intellimouse Optical (a step backwards to be honest) and a Logitech MX510. I recently built a whole new gaming rig, and as I described in my gaming system builders guide, the choice of mouse was far from easy. I personally decided on the Logitech G5 Laser grade mouse, but this choice was made simple due to the fact it was cheaper and more available than Razer’s Copperhead which was only available for inflated pre-order prices at that time. I now have the opportunity to test both Logitech’s G5 and Razer’s Copperhead side-by-side, and have been extensively doing so for the last few weeks.

Are these high precision mice really worth it?

I'd have to say a complete and total YES! Sure its an extra expense, but you want to make sure you are playing to the best of your ability, with a reliable mouse thats not going to wreck your arm or wrist because its poorly designed, and thats what these mice are for. Going from the excellent Razer Boomslang, to a fairly basic Microsoft Intellimouse Explorer really took the fun out of my online gaming. It became just that little bit frustrating. Then when I went back to a gaming mouse with the Logitech MX510, and I noticed someone has put the fun back into my game as all the while it wasn't that my ability was slipping so much as it was that my mouse wasn't fit for frantic gaming. That's where these high precision mice justify themselves... that, and they look good too.

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