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Life on Mars

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PostPosted: Sun Mar 19, 2006 3:21 am    Post subject: Life on Mars Reply with quote

No idea if anyone has seen this show before or not but I managed to catch most of a repeat episode earlier tonight and thought it was really good Smile

The show revolves around a Cop (played by John Simm) who has been in a traffic accident in 2006 which leaves him in a coma and he "wakes up" to find himself in 1973. From the little I read online about it, the storyline is pretty deep with some surreal elements aswell as hidden meanings behind some of the characters and events. I missed out on most of these since I wasn't paying much attention at first and the episode I caught was 5 (out of 8) so i've missed a lot of the story. What I did enjoy however was great way that the police force was portrayed which is a reflection on how the main character assumes they would behave based on TV shows etc. For instance, they go along to break up an organised fight between two sets of football fans and just before charging in they all reach under their seats and pull out baseball bats and sledgehammers Tounge The fact that there is a rather cute female lead doesn't hurt either Wink

Unfortunatly tho, the DVD is not out till October so I shall have to be content with catching the replays of the remaining episodes on late night TV.

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