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ZombieNexus Newsletter - May 2006

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PostPosted: Thu May 18, 2006 7:15 pm    Post subject: ZombieNexus Newsletter - May 2006 Reply with quote

... and March and April!

Indeed it has been a while since we've had an update here Embarassed, Red Face . As many of you might have guessed, Frazor has stepped down from his highly active role in the site to focus on his job and his blog. Since the rest of us also have other commitments, real life and relaxation time to fit in the site has unfortunatly slipped into a semi-hibernation mode.

The site is far from dead - just resting Tounge Waiting for it's chance to return. The new version of the site is still in development and it's release will allow a rejuvenation of the site, moving away from mainly new posting and more towards original content - this was always the plan from day one anyway and I plan on sticking to that.

Version 4

Yes, I am still planning on (eventually) releasing version 4 at some point! Smile Learning from past mistakes I will not be making any release dates until the code nears completion and even now there is plenty I need to decide before coding certain parts. There are, however, certain things that will be happening.

Enhanced RSS
This is one area where I will be spending quite a bit of time to improve. Many people do not want to check sites regularly for new posts and prefer to aggregate them all in an RSS reader or similar online site. This is a wholly sensible idea and I am planning to make sure as much of the site is covered by RSS as possible, complete with authentication and several feeds depending on what the viewer wants to keep track of.

Anti-Spam / Registration
As you can see, like with so many other forums that allow guest voting, we have been hit with our fair share of spam posts. I am currently colleting them in a forum for reference material for the spam filter in the new version. I am also planning on completely re-writing the process for signing up to the site which will relate to how the spam filter will judge posts. I am reasonably confident that I can cut out nearly all spam posts with minimum affect to first-time genuine posters.

This part is still not finalised, but currently Articles/Features are complicated beasts that can span many pages, have a lot of extra info and are a PITA to post. I will be improving the Articles section quite a bit but also allowing smaller mini-articles which will not require the summary, icon and admin approval etc that the main articles currently need. This will allow people to post a few paragraphs on a review for a concert or film etc with minimum of hassle.

To the future

So to recap, there will regrettably not be an awful lot of posts in the short term, but please keep checking back with us every so often.

Thanks for listening Smile


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-- Rei
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