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ZombieNexus Newsletter - January 2007

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 28, 2007 12:23 pm    Post subject: ZombieNexus Newsletter - January 2007 Reply with quote

Once again, it's been a very quiet period here at ZombieNexus - except for the deletion of spam posts Roll Eyes The next version of the site is still being worked on, tho, which should solve all the problems I have with the site currently.

The problem with ZBNv4 has always been the size of the project. Coding additions to an existing project (PHPBB) is far easier than junking everything and building from scratch - even more so than I originally thought. Fortunately, I have finally been given something at work that actually tests my skills recently in the form of building a knowledge base and reporting tool for our online systems to replace the chaotic mixture of several email logs, piles of print outs and verbal communication. Technically this was a smaller and more focussed project than ZBNv4 and thus I switched most of my energy on this to improve my coding skills.

The biggest thing I got out of this was that I finally learned the point of object-oriented coding. As I tried to improve efficiency and maintenability of my code I found I was mostly writing in an OO style anyway. The bad news from this is now I am taking a jump backwards for ZBNv4 in having to re-write the code to use the classes that I have written for the work project. Hopefully tho, this will enable me to move forward faster with ZBNv4 Smile

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